My account does not accept payment please help

my domain is not renewing I have tried everything I add all the payment options I is not renewing and my account does not accept payment please help and I gen no answer from the committee they have to send me to support can you send me invoice

I see you have a form of payment on your account, it expires Aug '21…not certain if that is causing the issue you are seeing…nor am I sure exactly what issue you are seeing? You do not have any domains through Cloudflare Registrar.

I am not sure what renewal is not taking place that you expect should take place?

what can i do i can’t even make domine transfer

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do/want to accomplish?

Are you attempting to renew a domain registration with Cloudflare Registrar? If so, you do not have any domains registered with our Registrar service.

Are you adding a new domain and the nameservers are pending? If so, you need to contact your current domain registrar and ask them to remove the icann holds on the domain that is pending in your account. That may be the issue, that domain is with another registrar and expired a few months ago. It’s in a clientTransferProhibited pendingDelete state at the moment. I suspect you’ll need to renew it with your current registrar to be able to add it to cloudflare. At that point you should be able to move it to cloudflare registrar if you like (after any icann transfer hold period has passed).

the domain it was registratde with Cloudflare and its expires and i have optine of adding a year if i click on adding year it brings purchase button i click it what he did it just disappear please help

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Ah, sorry for the troubles. I can see the issue now.

The domain was added to cloudflare and then moved to cloudflare registrar but the nameserver change is still pending. Over that time, it appears the form of payment may have expired and payment was not processed.

I suspect the reason the nameserver change was never seen was because DNSSEC was active with the former registrar.

I’ll escalate this to my colleagues as they’ll need to do help us on this issue. You may want to check the payment on file on your account to ensure it’s current so as to not cause further delay later.

the domain is

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I have replied to your open ticket in our queue and I will continue to follow up with you there.

Thank you.

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