My A record may be using the wrong IP address

It has been more than 24 hours since I pointed my custom domain to nameserver but it still shows a 404 error.

I noticed Cloudflare is pointing to a different IP address(es)

It appears my A record may be using the wrong IP address. You can see here that is not showing up in my DNS records.

I contacted the developer and he indicated that if I can’t get it sorted I should contact Cloudflare support for assistance with the setup.

Any help would be much appreciated

Domains here should use Cloudflare’s name servers. If you want to use a different name server, you would need to change this at your domain registrar.

That’s because Cloudflare is proxying your traffic.

Actually, they are. My domain nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare

And the Cloudflare A record is pointing to the correct IP

According to this, it should be working fine

But it still is showing a 404 error

Can’t figure out what is wrong except for the fact that it is showing a different IP in mytoolbox

Any other suggestions?


Then this comment is not clear to me, unless you meant web server.

I see you’re getting a 404 when using HTTPS. Was your site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Good point. Actually, it is a brand new domain so the answer is no, it did not have HTTPS before Cloudflare.

Do you think that is the problem?

I also noticed it is registering the traffic so I have no idea why the 404 error. :thinking:


That’s a significant problem.

404 errors still count as traffic.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated but I am still confused why the A record is using a different IP than the one I added. Also, the domain is pointing to Cloudflare’s Nameservers, so everything should be working fine, but I am still getting a 404 error.

I turned off the SSL/TLS and it still gives me a 404 error, so it must be something else.

Any other suggestions?

Let’s back up a bit and take Cloudflare out of the loop. Go to the Overview tab in and click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner. It will take five minutes for this to take effect. Then see if the site starts working again.

Paused it and now the A record is showing the correct IP…BUT, I am still getting a 404 error :thinking:

Do I enable it?

Then it’s a server issue you need to resolve with your host.

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If it’s not hosted anywhere, what is your developer working on?

Ok, that’s where it’s hosted and you need to work this out with them.

Mystery solved!!! I had entered the domain with Capital letters, and that was triggering all the problems :grimacing:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me troubleshoot the issue :pray:


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