My A Name and CNAME record don't show in here: Toolbox Googleapps

My A Name and CNAME record don’t show in here: Toolbox Googleapps

Can anyone tell me why? I set them in the beginning of 2023, so they should display there, no?

Website is:

Appears to resolve just fine.

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That domain shows Cloudflare IP addresses, which is the correct value as you are using the Cloudflare proxy service.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare proxy, you need to switch your domain from Proxied (:norange:) to DNS-Only (:ngrey:).

Do you experience any problems with the domain?

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Actually these are my records and they don’t show.

Okay, so I turn the Proxied off and then it should work? Thank you so much!

Do you experience any problems with the domain?

If you turn proxy off, you will see your A and CNAME records, but it is unlikely to fix any problems you are experiencing.

Well yes. I have created my site via Webwave, a Webdesign tool. And in my account there, it shows, that my domain is not connected correctly.

They want me to either change my name servers to change it to theirs or to add the a record with their

Since I would like to stay with cloudflare, I don’t want to change the nameservers at my domain registrar.

Thank you so much!


And of course no certificate and an insecure site :roll_eyes:

Domain 188 today

these are my current records now.

Do you just see this warning or is something actually not working?

As @sandro already said, you should definitely install a valid certificate on your server, otherwise your site is not secure. If you turn the proxy back on, you can use a Cloudflare Origin certificate (Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs), otherwise you would need to organize a certificate yourself and renew it regularly (or Webwave offers to do this for you).


@sandro this is why I am reaching out to the community. My goal is to set up a ssl certificate, but for that I need to connect my site to webwave, the tool, I built the website with. They provide me a certificate, but for that they say, that the website is not connected correctly, even though I can see the content I created on the domain.

@Laudian it just shows a warning. And then I contacted the support and they said, that as log as my an and name records are not shown in the google toolbox, that would be the reason. What do you think?

@Laudian just a quick update, it’s working now!!! Thank you sooo much for your help!! @sandro the ssl certificate will be activated within the next 24h.

When you are using Cloudflare proxy, that warning is expected and you could just ignore it.

Cloudflare hides your IP address, so it is not possible to verify that your domain resolves to Webwaves IP address.

But as you don’t seem to know what the Cloudflare proxy does, it’s not unreasonable to just leave it on DNS-only.

You might want to take a look at Get started with Cloudflare · Cloudflare Docs to decide whether you want to use the proxy or not.

@frederik.astagneau, you also still have an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare. Make sure that is Full Strict.