My WARP+ keeps disconnecting


I’m on Android 12, using WARP+. MY connections are fast enough, but I keep becoming disconnected from the server. I didn’t think VPN’s of any kind did this. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there something I can do?
Things I’ve done:
I’ve reset network settings 2X already.
I’ve uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it. I only did that after, clearing the cache, and wiping the data didn’t work.
I reset the device settings(Note 20 Ultra) and deleted all the apps, involved in this issue, and others.
Finally, I have reset the entire Android OS, twice, but that is an extreme response, I’m hoping to avoid this time.

Kind Regards,

John C

It’s there a way to edit?
I accidently hit the create post button, but I wasn’t finished. I don’t see how to edit? I have a prescription for my eyes, so it’s possible I’m just missing it.

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