MXToolbox sees SPF records as 99 type instead of 16.

Hi Everyone,

I see that on MX Toolbox couple of my clients domains report that SPF record is in 99 type instead of 16. Well the problem is all SPF records are in type 16 (TXT) there is not a single SPF record. Even after I delete and recreate a record it is visible as type 99 (SPF).

Can someone please shed some light on what kind of sorcery is this?

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You will probably need to ask MXToolBox to explain their results. While I am familiar with MXToolBox, I have no idea which of their vast assortment of tools you are using to query RR type. I used their SPF check on one of my Cloudflare domains and it made no mention of the RR type in the results.

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SPF is a deprecated record type. You should be creating a TXT record which contains the SPF contents.

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