MX very slow to propagate


I added MX records for my domain nearly 24 hours ago and for some reason they’ve not propagated anywhere according to I know that they can take 24-48 hours in some cases but I would’ve expected them to have propagated by now.

This is delaying access to my emails working.

What is causing such a delay please?


That is a question for your ISP and whomever’s resolver you use. The authoritative nameserver does not determine the propagation time.

Maybe you also misconfigure the record. Whats the domain?

Hello Sandro,

The domain is

The domain looks to be configured correctly, and I’ve ensured the mail A record is NOT proxied.


Rename your MX record from “mail” to “@”.

Of course! How did I miss that.

Thanks very much Sandro!

No worries, common issue :slight_smile:

Only because it is a common issue, I actually checked for MX on “mail” too.

I’m having a similar situation as OP but I don’t understand this bit. When I try and change the “mail” to “@” it immediately reverts to “mail.” What am I doing wrong?

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