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Hey, I’ve spoken to Hostgator and they have directed me to Cloudflare.
DNS records changed: A records and MX records, pointing to hostgator.
They tell me the MX record at Cloudflare hasn’t updated.
In my account, it shows what it is supposed to.
Sending and receiving emails has stopped working from Windows Mail and iPhone for domain name.

Is there a problem at Cloudflare?
A Record changed over 15 hours ago and MX record changed over 9 hours ago.

Ok, the 108 address is correct.
Webmail from Hostgator is working.
Outlook and iPhone Mail is not working.
Things stopped working unfortunately and I have read around the forum for a solution.
When I send the settings or manually configure the settings, it fails.
I believe due to the recent DNS change to Cloudflare as Hostgator has informed me.

I’m sorry this is a little confusing.
I’m guessing you mean to change the A record in for Mail Cloudflare to Grey Cloud?

If this doesn’t work, then after that I don’t really understand.

Hi @darrenmooruth,

When you set up your email on your device, what hostname or server do you specify to connect to? It is likely to be or, you can only connect to a :grey: host for mail.

For example, you set to :grey: and then set the server/hostname on your device to then it should work.

If, however, you have it set to which is set to :orange:, that may be what is causing the issue.

Hey, everything is fine now.
All I needed to do was to :grey: for the A record for mail and everything was all good.

As for Windows Mail, I had to redo the configurations and all of the instructions were on Hostgator.
I hope this helps anyone else with similar issues and thank you for the help from you both.

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