MX Settings Not Showing Up in Cloudflare

My email is not being received at Datagenius resources [dot] com I tried using the “email router” system and it changed the Mx records to a config with Cloudflare in it. No email. Upon the advice of Cloudflare I disabled email routing and deleted those records. That is because I showed the screenshot of the Cloudflare dashboard to Network Solutions and they said it was not right, I need THEIR MX records exactly as they provided, and to delete the Cloudflare generated one and add theirs back in. I did. I have attached a screenshot of that. I showed it to Network solutions and they said it was right. Then they showed me a screen they found which showed there are NO MX record in Cloudflare. I am stumped. I am caught in a circular trap.

Any ideas??

i40 west was helpful last time. i40 are you still there??

You have one MX entry configured

and that entry is in place

nslookup -type=mx
Address: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

If your mail provider confirmed that this is the right address, then your MX configuration should be all right.

You do have a general security issue however, as you do not have a certificate on your server, which means your site is generally insecure.

I would recommend to pause Cloudflare and talk to your host to make the site properly secure. Once that works, you can enable Cloudflare again.

Thanks so much. If you are speaking of an SSL certificate that is what I use Cloudflare for.

Is there another certificate that should be in place???

The primary reason I am using Cloudflare is for security, and that Cloudflare SSL. Otherwise I would not be routing to Cloudflare.


I am, but I am afraid that’s not how you can use Cloudflare. Your site is essentially still insecure and everything goes across the network in plaintext. You definitely need to fix that.

Then you could probably drop Cloudflare altogether.

Check out the following article why you need a certificate

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Thanks I wish I had known that. It seems the email test in outlook now works (as of an hour ago) but when I send a message, I get this error.

Is that the fault of Cloudflare or Network Solutions?

This is hard to keep straight. My mind is spinning. Thanks.

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

  Subject:	test
  Sent:	12/20/2022 11:28 AM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

  '[email protected]' on 12/20/2022 11:28 AM
        501 5.7.1 Recipient rejected - OXSUS003_407 - =/= The error is in email address being used.


Neither, your MX setup is correct. It does refer to an incorrect domain in your latest message, but I presume this won’t be the domain and your screenshot did not refer to it either.

Again, your mail setup is correct, but not your site setup.

It really is best to pause Cloudflare and clarify things with your host.

Thanks for all the help on this. before I call Network solutions tomorrow I have a couple of outstanding questions.

First the domain data genius resources is correct and they provided me with the new server settings for that and looking at the Cloudflare dashboard they confirmed that all of my server settings name records cname records and MX records were all correct.

You can log on to or visit data genius resources. So it is a real and live and functioning domain.

As of 2 hours ago I’m also able to see that there are MX records for data genius and they have confirmed that those records are correct.

I also posted a screenshot of my Cloudflare dashboard with all of the settings that are in it in my first post

Because of my ignorance I don’t understand what I should ask them to look at and fix and confirm when I speak to them tomorrow about this being an improper domain or non-existent domain or whatever I’m confused about the language

Again when I show them the dashboard from Cloudflare yesterday they said everything was correct

So what could it possibly be that is not correct insofar as an incorrect domain is that something that they need to fix on their end or is that something which could possibly be incorrectly inputted into Cloudflare at this particular point

And if I simply go into Cloudflare and turn off the SSL or flexible ssl does that mean that I have effectively logged out of Cloudflare or shut off Cloudflare in order to troubleshoot properly what’s going on with Network solutions?

Thank you so much for any further advice before I talk to them and again pardon my ignorance in these matters.

They did transfer all of the emails to a different server however which is something “onyx” I can’t really keep it straight.

it’s in the record somewhere but they did move their servers and that server name is showing up in the rejection message that I posted in my last missive.

In your previous posting you sent the email seemingly to the wrong domain. If that is your issue, then it’s not a configuration issue. If that is not the issue and your actual emails do not get sent, then you would need to contact your mail provider as that will be an issue on their end.

Again, as evident from what was posted earlier, your MX configuration is in place and if you verified that the indicated hostname is correct, then your setup is all right.

As for your other question about the site setup, you should not disable SSL on Cloudflare’s side, but you need to make sure that your server is properly configured, hence why you should pause it.

The site error I was referring to because your server is not properly configured.

The email address is incorrect. It contains a typo.

Dear Sandro, can you please tell me where you got this message and what service or tool you used? I am not showing an SSL error here and can pull up the website just fine. That was what I would refer to the “domain.” Datageniusresources [dot] com. It seems the “domain” is up and accessible. I can go to it and see it.

So I am not sure what the screenshot above means or where it came from. Sorry!! :slight_smile:

When you say server is not properly configured, do you mean the server is not properly configured at Network Solutions?? If so, I need to tell them that. Because as far as I can tell, all; the info they gave me is right on my Cloudflare dashboard.

So, I guess the question is, with all you have seen, do I tell Network Solutions says my serve is not properly configured on THEIR side and THEY need to fix it?? It would be a yes or nor question from them. Y??? N??? :slight_smile:

Finally, when you say I need to “pause” Cloudflare I do not know what you mean or how I do that, unless it is to turn off the flexible SSL. How do I “pause” it??

Again sorry for my ignorance.

The screenshot I posted, I took straight from the browser.

When I say your server is not properly configured, then I mean that it has not been secured by your host and that’s exactly what your host should do and why you should contact them

However, I did address all of that already in the first response, including how to pause :slight_smile: MX Settings Not Showing Up in Cloudflare - #3 by sandro

Pausing is not related to “Flexible” but refers to DNS resolution.

In the following order

Thanks! That was one problem! :slight_smile: But did not address the outloook check.

Anyway, I all of a sudden got my first email back! Maybe it just needed time to propagate. 48 hours on the nose about.


Thanks people!!

Email never was the issue, the missing security unfortunately is.

Thanks Sandro, so by “pausing” on the DNS setting, you mean re-route the DNS back to Network solutions and not Cloudflare DNS until the server is secure?

Is that what you mean by “pause.”

Sorry if I did not get it. But if that is what you meant, I now get it.

Thanks again. I am not a tech guy. I really appreciate your patience.