Mx recored issue

i have an mx record issue
its pointed at
thou i type

What about sending a Screenshot ? It would be more understandable :wink:

Edit - I didn’t read the complete post :postal_horn:

Set the host name of your MX record to :grey:

everything is now is fine I contact someone in discord and he was so helpful
thou I have another issue is thous are normal …?

You can ignore those ‘warnings’.

Mmmm what about if i dont want 2 ignore them …? :grinning:

They’re arbitrary warnings that aren’t errors at all and, especially for the last one, are nothing but a recommendation for a certain scenario.

Cloudflare doesn’t go by what that test thinks the setup should be, that isn’t an error or something that causes issues.

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Specifically for the first two - their test seems to be unable to comprehend that a domain can return more than one record.

;ANSWER 900 IN A 900 IN A 900 IN A

Since it returns 3 and that doesn’t equal their “expected” answer of just 1, it thinks it’s setup incorrectly.

For the last one, serial numbers are nothing more than a number - using a date in them is just a convention that some people prefer.

The only purpose is that changes in DNS should represent a new serial number - a counter that starts at 1 and increments on every change is a perfectly valid serial number.

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