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Hi, I’m trying to add MX records to Cloudflare so I can link my domain email. I have the number from Fasthosts, but they couldn’t tell me the name - said i have to find this in Cloudflare. They just leave it blank, but this isn’t working - it says it needs a “hostname”. No idea where or how to find this. Please help! (the name iven in fasthosts mx records isn’t working either)

MX records must contain a hostname, not an IP address.

As all you have is the IP address of your mail server, you need to create an A record with that address, make sure that record is :grey:, and then point your MX at that newly created record.

It does not matter what name you use for the A record, the usual convention is, but it can be anything you like, so long as it is :grey: and you point your MX record at it.

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Thanks so much for your reply.
So… I create an A record in Cloudflare with Fasthosts IP address, and anything as the name? And by the grey cloud, do you mean that under “Proxy status” i pus “DNS only” - the grey cloud with an arrow above it?
Then I set up an MX record also on cloudflare and point it to the A record how?
I’m sorry, I’m finding this all very confusing!



It will look like this:

Thanks for your reply. Was your message deleted? I can’t see it on the thread?
Anyways, a screen shot is below. I want to add an MX record for so that I can access the mail through my mail program on mac. When I try either @ or or the email address, it says the content must be a hostname.
Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. (my previous reply was to someone else).
I created the A record then an MX record, but the MX isn’t under the A, like on your example…

The order does not matter. You created a record for the, not for

so, change the content of MX record to Or change the names of A and/or MX to

Yes, I removed my questions when Michael replied with more info.

The name of your MX record should be and the content The name of the A record should be and the content should be the IP address.

Just like Michael’s screenshot from earlier.

Thank you both soooo much!!! Got it sorted now :sweat_smile: phew, it took many hours out of today, so I’m very relieved now that it is sorted. Thanks for your generosity in helping me with it :pray:

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How can I assign a non-standard port for my For example, I configured my personal mail server to use smtp port 2525 because the standard port 25 is closed by my ISP.
Cloudflare does not allow records like IP: 2525 or in DNS settings.

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