Mx records return order

I want to use 2 or more mail servers for one domain
The suggestion is to use two MX records with same priority.
The clients will then recieve the two mail server records.

Question: the articles suggest to ask the DNS provider if their MX records are returned in random, or in order, which would make this approach unusable


The order is irrelevant, that’s actually what the priority is for with MX records.

Thanx, i please would need to know if 2 mx records with same prio are returned in random order each time, to host multiple mailserver

There’s no guaranteed order in which records are returned and you can’t enforce that either. But as already mentioned, it really is absolutely irrelevant.

Thanx, no its not irrelevant when hosting multiple mailserver with same domain, the instruction is to get a DSN provider that sends the mx records in random order each time for same prio records as described below,

That is not something you can achieve via DNS. If you want to order something you’ll have to use priority. Otherwise it will be random.

Yes, thats exactly the point, i need them in random and not returned in the same order if i gave two mx with same prio

Must be returned in random value guaranteed, on each call (and not in the same order each time, which could be caused by the query on the server)

I need guranteed randomness on each query, and not could be i. Random

Again, there’s no order here. You get them in a random fashion and that includes the same order. There is neither a random order nor a static order guaranteed. Any round-robin really is up to the sender.

Thanx for your explanation, but I am trying to host 2 mail servers for the same domain, and that’s why I need to find out how to get the mx records returned in random order or cyclic

I just need to know how I can get the MX returned in random order, as per the articles describing the procedure to host multiple mail servers for the same domain

How to Load Balance Incoming Email Using DNS MX Records – GFI MailEssentials Support

There are tons of articles describing how to host multiple servers with the same MX prio for one domain, as per nslookup they are always returned in the same order

I am afraid there is nothing more to be said than what was already said. There is no particular order which you can configure.

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