MX Records not working


I thought I added MX records to my account ( but they are not working. Here is what my hosting company says:

"It does not seem that the changes have taken effect, as there are still no MX records reported for the remote active DNS zone:

Proceed to making the required changes to the remote active DNS zone whenever you are ready.

If you cannot do this on your own, contact Cloudflare Support to help you set the MX records.

Kind regards,

Yavor Tasev
Technical Support Team"

When I set it up originally I just added the details they gave me and nothing else. Im not sure If I set them up correctly as Im still not getting my emails related to this domain. Thanks for any direction.


Could you take a screenshot of your DNS tab with the MX records?


here it is:


Ah, I see. Click the “name” of each of those MX records (the 10, 20, 30) then enter the ampersand sign @ instead. That should fix email connectivity.


awesome. It changed to my website. Let me now let it repopulate and see what happens. I am deeply grateful for helping me with this.


I have just checked that domain and the 3 MX records are now showing. Your mail should now work.


sweet! less stress AMEN!


I’ll also mention it’s such a breath of fresh air to work with a competent person!


We try to help! :smile: @judge solved the issue anyway, I just came along and checked it!