Mx records not working for mail

I have filled the Mx record correctly at Cloudflare and it has been confirmed by my host. They have advised me to contact you as the problem lies at Cloudflare.
My website is
And email created is {redacted}

Kindly look into it and help me.
you may reply to me at {redacted}

You do not seem to have any MX records at the root of your domain. Could you grab a screenshot of the record that you created in the Cloudflare Dashboard?

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Yesterday, I had sent the screenshot in reply to your mail. However it is attached again here. I hope I will get an solution to resolve the issues. I did not find the icon to attach the screen shot here. upload link accepts only images. Kindly see the screenshot in your mail.

Suman Lata Agrawal

You most likely want the MX records at the root of your domain, not on the mail subdomain.

Kindly advise what to do and how? previously before transferring the host I did it as has been done now but I did not feel any problem. Can you please make the changes at your end? If possible, please do it.


Suman Lata Agrawal

Unfortunately I’m not an employee, just another user with a love/hate relationship with DNS.

I believe all you need to do is edit the MX records, change mail to your domain and save them.

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