MX records not visible/recognized outside cloudflare

My MX records in my DNS are not being see outside of the cloudflare network.

Not visible in google Admin Toolbox, nor, zoho or others.

You assistance would be really appreciated.

It’s hard to assist without knowing the domain name. Can you share it?

The mail was up and working for about 3 weeks … not sure what changed.

No MX records are being returned by Cloudflare’s public resolver or your authoritative Cloudflare nameservers, mark and lucy.

Can you share a screenshot of your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app that includes your MX records? If you could also include another of your assigned nameservers, that would also be helpful.

Have you looked at your audit log to see if they were deleted?

I don’t know what your second screenshot is of, but it is not anything we need right now. It looks like DNS settings at a hosting provider and they are not used when your nameservers are set to Cloudflare atv your registrar.

Would you provide the other requested screenshot of your assigned nameservers as shown in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app?

I suspect that you are not in the correct Cloudflare account. The TXT records and NS delegation shown in your screenshot are also not being returned when queried.

Is this what you mean?

Yes that is what I meant. Thank you for sharing.

When you go up one level in the Cloudflare dashboard and view the Websites section, does that domain show :white_check_mark: Active?

Yes it does.

I just removed, and recreated the MX records using @ … no change.

Ah well, sometimes it’s the simple things. After thinking about what might cause this for probably an hour, I finally opened the website:


No No NO … I’m so :flushed: embarrassed.

Its working now … lol … my god, I don’t believe that.

Thank you.


I am a little embarrassed myself. I know well enough to check the things that we assume it couldn’t possibly be and yet I still only checked the nameservers in your whois.


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