MX Records not updated when transferring from Godaddy

I was using Godaddy webmail service which is closing down this week. I transferred my domain to A2 which was successful but email traffic is still going to Godaddy. The MX t\records need to be updated and Godaddy will no longer assist. I dont have the login details for my domain name as it was set up a long time ago by a consultant. How do I edit the MX records? Do I have to send proof of ownership to Cloudflare to have the MX edited?

  1. You an contact the consultant in order to retrieve the login details

  2. Try
    Enter your domain name, and hope that you will receive a messages identifying the email address used for the Cloudflare account.
    → If you receive an email, then follow using the email address that you received the email on, in order to recover access to the Cloudflare account.

Technically, you just need to restore access to the Cloudflare account holding your domain name, if that is possible, which it may not always be.

For example, as I mentioned over here, about an old staff member, there could be some security implications, such as for example if your consultant have set up your domain name inside the consultant’s own account.

If the above seems to be the case, you would only have one alternative, which would be:

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