MX records not showing up on using A record for MX

So I have Cloudflare paused on 3 websites. Cloudflare is only handling my DNS only. The MX record is not showing up on 2 of the websites in stated that if the system can’t find an MX record, it will use the A record as the MX. I found this is true with both websites. Can anyone tell me how to make the MX record show up again?

PS: This has happened before and the way I handled it was to remove the website totally from Cloudflare and re-add it after a few days.

Can you show a screenshot of that includes your nameservers?


Not that I typically trust a website that doesn’t use HTTPS, but it is correct there is no Mx record for that domain in the linked test in the DNS zone that is authoritative for the domain on Cloudflare.

@laudian, I would send you a screenshot, but it’s too hard from the box that I am working from.

@cscharff, there is an MX on my Cloudflare account, and there is another MX on another domain (zone), that has the exact same everything, but it’s working.

I really can’t figure this out other than to delete the domain from Cloudflare and add it back in a week or two (what I did before).

The most likely issue is either the records you believe exist, don’t or you are in the wrong account managing the domain if you can’t post a screenshot you can export the DNS records from the domain.

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