MX records not propagating correctly

Hi, the MX records currently in use on my account are not propagating correctly therefore my email account is not working. I should have an MX record - instead I have
How can I fix this so the emails will work again. Thank you

That almost sounds like the below link…but not quite:

Does your MX record point to a hostname that’s set to :orange:?

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Thank you for your reply. I did have the mail A record set to the orange cloud. I have now made it grey. I will check email again and let you kow if that worked.

Thank you for your reply.Yes I have a corresponding A mail record. I have just turn this A record to a grey clod. I will check if email is working again and let you know. Thanks

I have also turned
CNAME webmail is an alias of to agrey cloud as well. Good idea?

Webmail can stay :orange:, as it’s HTTP(S) only. Here’s more information on proper DNS records for email:

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YEAH!!! Turning the mail A record to a grey cloud fixed it. Should I turn the webmail CNAME back to orange?? Thanks so much for your help


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