MX Records Keep Reverting


I’m trying to change my mx records from Zoho to Google Apps. I remove the 3 Zoho records and add 5 new Google Apps records, log out, log back in and everything seems to have saved. The next day, my Google Apps records are gone and I’m back to my original 3 Zoho records. How do I persist this change and why does it keep reverting after a few hours?


That’s a mystery. If you’re using the new Cloudflare dashboard, try clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, and everything else for Cloudflare. Then try again.

If it’s still broken, contact Support: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


The records are being changed (back) by someone/thing logging in to your account from a Comcast network. Do you have a script/ tool managing your DNS records anywhere?


I am on a Comcast network, so i imagine that is me you’re seeing. But no, we do not have a script managing the DNS nor is anybody here changing it back. Can you tell if it’s always at the same time or after a certain amount of time?


The changes happened at different times each day (if you go to the audit log in your account settings you can see the IP address and times).


@cscharff Thank you for investigating, but the ip I see is from AWS which is not our cloud provider. I’ve changed my pw and will keep an eye on whether it happens again

Urgent issue - Revert MX records

You might also change your API key (if you aren’t using your API key for other things) just to make sure someone hasn’t used it in a tool and forgotten about it.


Thank you for the suggestion. We’ve tracked it down to one of our integrations and have removed that vendor. We can close this topic

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