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After adding all the MX Records for Google Workspace and wait for 72 hours, the emal is still not working and i dont know if everything is configured as it should be, please check attached screenshot.Thanks.

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You will want to remove the previous MX that points to mail in your domain. I don’t see the verification TXT record Google looks for, either.

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Hi, thanks for your reply, you mean remove the last of my MX Records? the one saying mail.emsfitnesstime com?. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your reply, you mean remove the last of my MX Records? the one saying mail.emsfitnesstime com?. Thanks

Correct. You will have mail delivery issues if you tell senders that you can receive mail at two completely disconnected email systems.

You may want to reference Google’s guide.

I have already delete all the non google MX records, but what about the A record that says mail? should be also deleted?. In case i have to leave it , should it be proxied? or DNS only?. Thanks for your time by the way.

The only reason I can see to keep that name would be to use as a redirect to Google Workspace Gmail webmail. You would need it to be proxied to work with a redirect rule. For such originless names, I use only a AAAA record set to the discard prefix 100::. It removes any ambiguity as to why that name exists.

So resuming ,is it ok if i keep it proxied?, sorry but i dont have to much knowledge about DNS and this kind of stuff.
On the other hand this how the TXT record looks. Check screenshot please.
Is it ok ,or do i need to add the ipv4 address of the mail?

I would delete the existing A record of mail and replace it with a :orange: AAAA record with the address of 100::. You can then create a redirect rule to send visitors to that name to (Replace with your domain.) Your rule will require parts of different examples found in the following cheat sheet.

You have a lot of SRV and TXT records that are not doing anything other than taking up space. I would lose all of the SRV and TXT records except possibly the DKIM record, if it is from Google.

You will need to replace your SPF TXT record.The current one is invalid. You can test it using the SPF Surveryor from dmarcian if you want to see what is wrong with it.

Start with Google’s guide when creating your SPF record.

Google’s DKIM guide is also a good reference.

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