MX Records for Google & Website Hoster

Hey all,
for our domain we have MX Records that point to our Google Suite. Everything works fine with Mail sending and receiving there.

Now we also have a host where our website is stored (HostEurope). Everything works fine with that aswell.

Because we need a few more mail addresses we wanted to put another MX Record in Cloudflare that points to our host (HostEurope), so that we can receive mails over GSuite but also the website host (different mail addresses).

For example, I have [email protected] as a G Suite Mail (Google MX Records) which works fine. And then [email protected] in HostEurope (HostEurope MX Record) which doesn’t work.

When I do a MX Lookup everything seems to be in place, yet when I try to send a mail to [email protected] it doesn’t work. I get a mail back, that the mail address doesn’t exist (even though I created it in HostEurope).

The MX Records are all on TTL Auto, Google has priorities 1, 5, 5, 10, 10 and the webhoster priority 50 (as suggested by them). I tried it with and without A-Record, nothing changed.

The support of the webhoster told me too, that everything is in place and that it just seems that it won’t work, which seems a bit odd to me.

Is it even possible to point to two different Mail Hosts from Cloudflare? Do I need to do something else to make this work?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As far as I understand the mail servers and MTA, I am afraid it would not work as you expect it.

While you can set up more than one MX server for a given domain, this is purely a backup function to specify another server to receive mail when one server goes down (Google Suite uses that way).

I am afraid it is not possible to let two totally different services (or mail servers) both handle your mail for the same domain and for the same mailbox, and IMHO it doesn’t make any sense to even try. If you like Google’s features better, switch to Google, otherwise you have to live with what your own e-mail server.

Regarding the MX priorities, true, but I am afraid the when someone sends an e-mail from [email protected] to your [email protected], their mail server or MTA would look up at for an MX record and use it to send to the desired mailbox.

  • how would their mail server know for which mailbox to choose which MX record regarding the priorities and would their MTA server go to the next one MX record you have if the first one fails to send to it?

If the mailbox [email protected] is not found at Google Suite, would it reject or drop that e-mail message? (only if the same mailbox exist at both of Google Suite and your hosted e-mail server)


Mx records aren’t per email address. Absent a lot of work to sync users or connectors between mail systems that isn’t going to work. You should create [email protected] as a user or alias in gsuite


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