MX records for antispam

My hostig provider is asking me to ad 2 new MX records for antispam with this specifications:
priority: 10
TTL: 3600

priority: 20
TTL: 3600

and I don’t know how to configure this in mi Cloudflare account I just need to know what goes where in:

Type: MX
Name: ?
Value: - Server: ?
- Priority: 10 and 20 in each
TTL: I guess for 3600 is 1 hour ?

can you help me to get this done?

Typically the Name is ‘@’. If the mail is for something like [email protected], the Name would be ‘subdomain’.

Once you click the “click to configure” text field you enter in the Server field, and priority is 10 or 20. I generally leave TTL at the default, but you can enter 1 hour if you feel the need.

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