MX records for 365 email with email forwarding from Cloudflare

Hello everyone,

I’d like to be able to use Microsoft 365 email, but I’m wondering if I’ll also be able to use Cloudflare email forwarding, or if I’d need to setup forwarding addresses (to different accounts than the 365 account) through 365 rather than Cloudflare?

I’m not sure what the MX records and priority would look like for this. I’m trying to research this to see what I would do exactly, but it’s not totally clear to me in this situation.

Any input is welcome.

Thank you


Thank you for asking.

If you need to send emails, I’d suggest you to use Microsoft 365 setup without Cloudflare Email Routing feature. Therefore, I believe you can also setup forwarders and alias emails at Microsoft 365 interface, if needed.

Regarding DNS records, I’d like to share a helpful post from my colleague here:

More information about email related DNS record while using Cloudflare for your domain:

Articles to consider too:

In case if you need some help with DNS at Cloudflare:


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