MX records for 123 Reg

I’ve created a new domain through 123 Reg for a digital course I’m hosting on www.searchie.oi
I’ve configured my domain to Cloudfare and it’s working fine.
I’m now having problems with the email address. It’s saying I need to add MX records to Cloudflare but I can’t figure out how to do that without changing the NameServers back.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

My best guess is the correct domain name is :thinking:

If so, then by using online tool DNS History I can see you were using Google, correct? :thinking:

Below article should help you to re-add them back:

Helpful article:

Google isn’t linked at all to our domain. Here are the DNS records:

Seems like your domain is set up as being Generation 2 mailboxes, but your MX records are pointing towards their Generation 1 set up.

How do I set up an MX record on my domain name? - 123 Reg Support

  1. Replace with, and set priority to 0.

  2. Replace with, and set priority to 10.

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