MX Records Exposing Origin Server's IP Address

I just added two domains. Went through the first domain set up all the way through,
added MX records from GoDaddy and everything was perfect.

Went through the second domain and on this one, the
is displaying a warning: “MX Records exposing origin server’s IP address,
potentially exposing it to denial of service.”

Why would ONE domain’s MX records be just fine and the other have this flag?
Both are from GoDaddy.

I see the fix is to get Zoho email and such but gosh, I’d rather not. Is there anything
anyone can advise me of trying to fix this flag or can help me understand what
component one domain that has no issues has and the other does not? Makes
no sense to me.

Both domains host your website and email on the same respective server? It doesn’t matter what you call that server via the A record – if it’s the same IP address, you’ve exposed the IP address of a web server.

What’s happened to me is that as soon as my MX record points to the web server domain, MX has to tell the world your real IP address so mail can be delivered to your server. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy mail servers.

Thanks. If necessary, are you for hire to get my email set up so this resolves the problem?Or do you know someone who you recommend? I created the Zoho account and added the records but I’m still getting the flag. It didn’t solve the problem. I’m going down a rabbit holeI know nothing about and want to outsource it at this point.

Not for hire, but I’m here a lot. For Zoho, try this:


So, if the web server is the same machine for mail server, there’s nothing I can do to hide my server’s address over the MX records?