MX records expose IP

When I setup the MX records for my domain and I follow the video tutorial — I still get the error message “Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudfare.”

In the tutorial, it says to add the “A” record that points to my IP address and turn the cloud grey (DNS only). Then add the “MX” record. When I do that the “A” record generates that warning.

If I do it the other way around and proxy the “A” record through Cloudfare (orange cloud) then the same warning appears on the “MX” record.

Which is correct or the preferred method? Here is the current configuration:
MX Record Configuration

Not an error, but rather an informational message. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP) traffic. If your mail server is on the same host as one of your sites being proxied by Cloudflare exposing the IP address is unavoidable. The A record for your Mx hostnames should be :grey: .

The only way for it not to expose the origin IP of a site would be to host your mail elsewhere (e.g. Google, Office 365, etc).


Thank you. It’s always bothered me but I never asked. I don’t get any spam on this account but thought I’d throw it out there because it looked like an issue and doesn’t appear that way in the tutorial.


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