Mx records - DMARC Record found


I’ve entered all the DNS records, including MX records with the correct priority. The MC records point to an external third party, and the “mail.” record is set to DNS Only and points to the correct IP.

However, when I check the MX records I get a response of “No DMARC Record found”. Can anyone provide some information on why this is occurring?


Hi @cineplex

A DMARC record is a separate record from an MX record and it tells email clients how to authenticate the email. It is not a special record just a TXT record.

Links for further reading:

Thanks @Cyb3r-Jak3. Do you think this is a problem with the previously set TXT records then? There are TXT records that were brought over from the previous DNS hosting.

A DMARC record is just a TXT record that starts with _dmarc. If you do not have a TXT record with that then that is why you are seeing that issue and you should create one. If you do have TXT record that starts with _dmarc then please let me know the domain so I can check.

Hi @Cyb3r-Jak3

Thanks so much for your feedback, I understand about the DMarc records now. I don’t think the problem I’m experiencing is related to TXT records. Doing an MX lookup in is not resolving to anything, i.e. not returning a result.

I’m thinking this must be a DNS issue and should be moved to another thread.

Are you saying that an MX lookup for your domain is blank?

Yes it was, I got it sorted though. It was a dumb error entering a domain name. Once I got the correct setting for “Name”, i.e. the domain name, set in the Cloudflare DNS settings it worked straight away.

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