MX records disappeared

My DNS has been at Cloudflare since 10/22. Working fine until yesterday incoming mail stopped. No changes were made on our end. Still able to send mail. MS365 reports my MX record is missing. I have no account at Cloudflare as I wasn’t involved with registering the domain or setting DNS last year. I can connect to MS365 as admin and when trying to update DNS using their “fix DNS” it asks for a Cloudflare account. I created one and after adding the domain to my account, allowed me to complete the “fix DNS” and click Authorize. No idea if it actually pushed the update to Cloudflare.
What are my options?

What’s the domain?

Regardless of the domain, if the MX entries disappeared while the domain was with the other account, which is not under your control, you can only contact the account owner why he dropped those entries and clarify that.

Now that you moved the domain, if you still do not have MX entries that would suggest you did not set them up and you will have to do this manually for your Cloudflare account.

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According to my registrar, Network Solutions, DNS was transferred or setup with Cloudflare in Oct of 2022. It’s been working since then. Stopped working yesterday & no one on our end changed anything. I am the only tech left at the company so no one else has knowledge of the original Cloudflare account.

Again, what’s the domain?

Not sure which Cloudflare account you are referring to, but the domain is currently configured for an account using the nameservers drew and nina.

If that is your account, you need to configure the necessary MX entries there, as you previously mentioned. If that is not your account, you need to contact whomever controls that so that they configure that for you.

It’s our companies account but no one at the company has credentials any more. It may have been a company who built their web site that moved DNS to Cloudflare. I have no details and no one knows who that may have been. Screwed?

You can try to reset the password using the reset methods, but if that does not work, you will need to create a new account and set up the domain anew.

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Appreciate the help Santo. It’s a Catch 22. Even if I knew the account holders email, our email is down and without an MX record, can’t receive email to reset the account.
I am the companies tech support consultant and created a new Cloudflare account.
I’ll need to somehow verify the company owns the domain to transfer to a new Cloudflare account.
Not sure how to verify…

For the transfer you don’t need to receive an email. You simply register a new account, add the domain, and change the nameservers at your registrar. Once the domain is active on the new account, you can manage it from that account.

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I have completed that step already…DNS isn’t my strongest. Didn’t realize it was that easy to switch DNS servers. I’ll work with Network Solutions to get access to change the name servers. As you probably guessed, I don’t have those credentials either.
Really appreciate the help

Then you just need to switch the nameservers and once the domain is active on the new account you can configure everything there.


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