MX records automatically revert to Namecheap provider default records

Hi all,

I’ve set up MX records that point to the Zoho Mail service but this week they automatically reverted to the default Namecheap records (3 times on August 18, August 20 and August 21).
This prevents me from receiving incoming mail.
I also use Ezoic on my domain.

Help me.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear that, but unfortunately there were some topics before regarding people having some errors or issues with eZoic and Cloudflare integration.

There are cases when we might be using some kind of a 3rd-party services just like eZoic ads or similar and the newely added or recently modified DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard are reverted back to the old value or similar with other settings.

Without knowing how did you enabled and integrated Cloudflare for your domain while using eZoic, kindly double-check and modify any of the DNS records and related settings within the eZoic interface.

Unfortunately, in this case you don’t do anything at Cloudflare dashboard.

Everything you do has to be done by using eZoic interface. Any change you make here at Cloudflare dashboard will be reverted back to old values and you would end up having an issue.

There are two ways as I remember:

  1. Going with Cloudflare integration and having Cloudflare nameservers
  2. Changing domain nameservers to eZoic ones and then using their interface to apply all and any changes regarding the Cloudflare dashboard

Further more, upon successfull integration, just to take a note here as any changes you would want to make for your domain, you would have to do it through their eZoic interface.

Otherwise, if you change something at Cloudflare dashboard, but not through the eZoic interface, it will be reverted back to originals ( there were few topics about where people have had changed or added a new or existing DNS record and it was removed somehow without a notice ).

Maybe some other helpful topic about eZoic here at Cloudflare Community using :search::

You might also want to contact and write a ticket to eZoic Support about this one.

Furthermore, see eZoic Help Center for more information.

Using below instructions, you could inspect and determine how did this event occur, if so:


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