MX records and Proxy Orange

I am running Web server and email server on the same domain and same IP address.
I would like to hide the IP address and can do this via Cloudflare Proxy Status Orange. But then the SMTP service doesnt work. It only works if I set Cloudflare A Record to Exposed (Grey).
Is there a way to have IP hidden (Orange) and run a mail server as well?

As stated:

Cloudflare’s default configuration only allows proxying of HTTP traffic and will break mail traffic.

I am afraid no, it is not possible.

Usually the A record that points out to the sub-domain should be :grey: cloud because otherwise your e-mails will not work.

You can use, if available to you, another “static IP address” just in case. Morover, if that is not an option available to you, then I am afraid it is not possible.

Moreover, there are situations where people point their MX record to a CNAME or use some e-mail service like G Suite and other.

Nevertheless, there are methods to protect and secure your email server either from SPAM, unknown user tries, etc.

See more details and pointed out the guidelines at the bottom of this page here:

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thanks. I understand.
If I want to run my own emailserver I will need a separate IP to my web server as email will always expose the IP. Correct?

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