MX records and email forwarding

I am trying to set up email forwarding for a domain that is now using Cloudflare.

It is registered at 123-reg and nameservers are set to and - the website itself is working fine.

I have a mail forwarder set at 123-reg to send all to a Hotmail account which, when the domains nameserver was set to the default 123-reg ones worked ok.

What do I set the MX record in the Cliudflare DNS setting to?

Thank you.

The MX records need to be the same as they were before you switched to Cloudflare.

MX is set to ‘Handled by

Should the NS records in Cloudflare be set to the old name servers then?


No, why?

We are talking about the MX records here and these need to point to the servers which handle your incoming mail.

@seank1968 Looking at 123-reg documentation, MX records should be Priority: 10 Priority: 20

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Set MX to the SMTP server of the domain registrar and it seems to be working correctly now!

Will check with the client and if there are any issues will try your suggestion @domjh

Thanks both for your help!

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