Mx record with IPv6

I have written a AAAA record with ipv6 and can access it host nvoids com

I have setup hmailserver and checked with port checker
and all ports are working fine.

I have written a mx record with host nvoids com
but that is not working according to - dns checker

Is it possible to have a mx record with AAAA record

This domain appears to have Yandex mail servers.

dig mx +short

That mail server has a AAAA record.

dig AAAA +short

The host itself is proxied by Cloudflare. While it has both an A and AAAA record, those records are of Cloudflare’s edge and Cloudflare will only proxy traffic on supported ports. Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you want to host your own mail server, you need a unique hostname that is not proxied (:grey:) … e.g. to communicate with the server directly.