MX record upon cloudflare activation

Hi there.
Would you please tell me if changing my website NS to Cloudflare NS will impact mail flow for my client’s domain? Current MX record is pointing to and client is concerned will changing NS record break his business mail trafic.

If the records of the previous DNS provider are identical to Cloudflare’s there won’t be any change. Make sure all the records are identical, that is the only requirement.

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Thanks for you fast response. I have one question more. By “identical” do you mean i have to add (replicate) all records from my client’s DNS zone in cloudflare DNS settings or i have to change only NS in my domain’s zone editor and will rest of records replicate automaticaly? I’m asking this since i don’t have access to my client’s DNS settings and if i have to change all records in Cloudflare that would be technicaly challenging for my clients.
Thank you.

All DNS records should match. Changing the NS at the old DNS registrar won’t work even for moving an empty zone. You need to change them at the domain registrar.

Most DNS providers offer an export which you can then import in Cloudflare.

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