MX record set is not showing the same in lookup

Hi Team,

i have my mx record set in Cloudflare and looks correct but when look it up using it has a prefix added to it ie
It is set in Cloudflare though as

Email is coming thru but one of their clients says because it has a ‘_’ it wont send.
We havent got that set in the record so wondering why showing different when looked up than what is set?

You can’t set your MX record to point to an address that is proxied by Cloudflare, because the Cloudflare proxy doesn’t work for email. So it can’t be set to What you need to do is create a hostname just for email, like, pointing to the proper IP address, and then set that as your MX record.

Because you are pointing your MX at a proxied hostname, Cloudflare helpfully modifies the record to try to ensure that email is still delivered. Tragically, they do this by creating a host prefixed with _dc-mx, and therefore is not a valid DNS hostname. So it will work sometimes and fail sometimes, and this “transparent” fix cannot be relied on. You have to fix it yourself as I described.


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