MX record Question (which server to use for mx record)


I recently switched to cloudflare from GoDaddy.
My mx record were not imported
I am using cpanel to host my domain and using the email that came with cpanel.
When i configured the email for i got configuration settings email.
There are two different settings one for ssl and one without ssl.

one with SSL the server adress is like

one without ssl is mail.mydomainnamecom

I found an article online that asked me to use mail.mydomainnamecom

My question to yall is which one to use?

thanks in advance


I pick answer C) cPanel should let you AutoSSL to get you SSL.
And make sure you have a DNS entry here for ‘mail’ with its IP address.

A distant second would be the secureserver one for more secure email. Most people aren’t nosy enough to look up your MX record.


Thanks for response

i have auto ssl from cpanel

I haved used mail.mydomainnamecom
but the instruction email from cpanel says mail.mydomaincom is without ssl so i was confused.

Are u suggesting me to use the secureserver one ? and will that also help me to hide my IP?


The secureserver one may actually point to the same IP address. You’d have to look that one up. If it’s a different IP address, that may be your best bet.


i just pinged to check and the IP are actually different .

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on second thought i went and changed it to secure server.

Let me know if otherwise

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