MX record, NS record change

Hi Everyone,

I have what I think is a weird case.

We have this domain zorkDOTcom hosted on godaddy, but previous there was a third-party company that had relationship with Cloudflare and the DNS records are hosted there.

We have no authority to speak with Cloudflare. The third-party company is MIA

Our email address “userATzorkDOTcom” is offline. no mailbox exists. Our website is still online.

We wish to add the MX record to godaddy but they said that the DNS was managed through cloudflare and need us to change the records from within Cloudflare.

Question is: with a lack of communication between myself and Cloudflare, can we just create the MX record on the current domain registrar (godaddy) and go about business as usual with the website access still being online? Maybe we have to move all records to Godaddy and assign NS records to the current CLoudflare entries?

Any thoughts as to whether this would work? We want to get the email to work and the website to remain operational.

Thanks if you can.

It seems like you’re better of following the advice I previously gave, like this:

Once the quoted steps are completed, the domain is now on your (new) account, and not the third party any more.

It may be wise at the same time, to look in to how to maintain the domain name(s) within your organisation going forward.

It could for example be by creating a role account (email address), such as e.g. hostmaster@, domain@, or cloudflare@, et al, where you (also) have the Cloudflare account, and as such, can invite or remove members that need to administer your (organisation’s) domain names.

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Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond with great detail. We will get on the right track now.


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