MX Record not working

I used this first time, I have domain and hosting with godaddy, I added the dns for Cloudflare. but my emails are not working,

How can i updated MX record for my emails here.

What is the domain you are working with? When you say your emails are not working, can you be more specific?

My domain name is
I updated mx records to

But it still not working, I am able to send emails. But not receiving

You need to add an A record for “mail” which points to the IP address of your mail server.

Support team told me to add MX records.

Can you please help me, See i updated this

Right now you have 2 MX records… one would allow you to receive mail at [email protected] and the other would allow you to receive mail at [email protected]. Both of those MX records point to a host you specified as but there is no entry which defines what that server is/where it exists/what it’s IP address is.

You need to add an A record with a Name of mail and the IP address of the server that should be accepting mail for your domain.

A record is there at top :
A points to

To visualise what @cs-cf just explained

Tried that too

Well, first of all you proxied the entry - contrary to the screenshot - and second, it actually works now.

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