MX record not working or propagating

Our mail MX record fails to propagate or show our server’s ip address and client email will not connect. The A record base domain server IP address propagates/appears correctly. The base domain is proxied by Cloudflare. I am not sure if the mx record should also be proxied or not. I am using to do the testing.

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Here are details:
For my posting above:
The [A record] is - Type: A, Name: mail, IPv4 address: 112.109.. * (I partially blanked out address) Proxied: OFF
Our base domain server settings are:
The [A record]is - Type: A, Name:, IPv4 address: 112.109. . * (I partially blanked out address) Proxied: ON
The [MX record]is - Type: MX, Name: mail, Mail server:, TTL: auto, Priority: 0

Thanks for your help.

You have your MX record located at mail. If the domain you use for email is, you want it on @.

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Thanks for the helpful reply. The MX record is now propagating OK. You did not comment on my Proxy question, but have set the Proxy Status to DNS only. Is that correct or does it not matter?

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