MX record not resolving

Hi, I am having this same issue with my MX record not propagating. This has been like this for over a week

I bought this domain on Cloudflare (With Cloudflare NS record) but for over a week, the MX records are not propagating.

Did you transfer to Cloudflare registrar?

Were you using DNSSEC with the previous registrar?

Your Cloudflare whois indicates that you are not currently using DNSSEC, but DNSViz is seeing published key material that is invalidating your zone.

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We did not transfer to Cloudflare. We purchased it on Cloudflare about 2 weeks ago.

Would you try enabling DNSSEC? Please let us know if that has any effect.

I have enabled it and it says it will take about 24 hours

Would you open a support request for Cloudflare registrar from your dashboard and share the ticket number here so we can escalate it?

Here is the ticket number [2618655]

In the Cloudflare dashboard for you have not completed the setup. Login to the dashboard and choose your desired plan and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete.

If you still see an issue with your DNS responding incorrectly at that stage, let us know. It’s not expected that DNS responds correctly until your domain is at least in “Pending” state - which requires you to complete the initial setup in the dashboard.

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