MX Record Not Configured Properly

I own a domain through a Canadian host, and use cPanel. Both in cPanel, and in Cloudflare, I have an MX record that appears to be configured improperly:

In cPanel:


Priority: 0

In Cloudflare:



This does not seem at all correct, as I’ve been doing my research and have discovered that MX records are for email servers.

2 Questions:
How would I locate the name of my email server in cPanel?
Can I just go in and delete all the zone records in the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel, since I’m going through Cloudflare anyway? cPanel now seems redundant, and my cPanel seems to have a lot of confusing entries that I don’t understand. I’ve checked the topics for this particular issue, but couldn’t find it.

Thank you.

Email should be on a different hostname than your website. Most hosts have a ‘mail’ subdomain set up for this, including cPanel. You can experiment and see if one exists on the same IP address of your server. Beyond that, you’ll have to ask your host about this, as Cloudflare doesn’t set your hostnames.

I entered the email hostname correctly, as per my host.

There is still a warning next to the MX record. On investigating, this is normal, as the MX record should be DNS Only and not proxied, is that correct?

That is correct. All email connections need to be :grey:.

It says “DNS Only”, but does not have the gray cloud symbol. Is that a concern?

MX record is always DNS-Only. But whatever it points to, probably, should show :grey:.

No gray cloud. I’m not sure what I did wrong:

MX record should point to a hostname that’s using an “A” record with your server’s IP address. You need to get rid of the CNAME record for ‘mail’ and replace it with an “A” record.

Thanks man. Don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m not a technical person. I’m interested in the visual design aspects of website building, but am out of a job currently, so I can’t afford to hire someone to get the framework set up for me. I appreciate your help.

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