MX record mismatch after propagation


I added an MX record in the DNS page:

But when the record propagates, it changes to a different value:

I tried multiple times, but it always messes up.

Is the mx record an :orange:? If so, change it to :grey:

Thanks @thedaveCA
In fact there is no cloud, neither grey or orange, for this MX record. It’s not possible to go through Cloudlfare CDN.

Also on the 1st screenshot, there is a little orange i, that says that this record is exposing the original IP. It’s odd, I never had that for MX records in other domains.

The record for ‘my’ looks like it is set to :orange:, whatever hostname the MX record points to needs to be set to :grey: as Cloudflare does not proxy mail services.

You are linking the MX record to a sub domain, which is :orange:. That is done to keep the original record proxied and provide a valid record for MX. It should work just fine.

The issue is basically what @domjh said.

The alternative, which isn’t actually a change in how it works would be to create a specific record for the IP you need to use as MX, leave it :grey: and then use that for MX.

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If you are hosting your email on the same server as your web origin, you should read the standard warning:

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@domjh @matteo That was the issue, thanks a lot!

Thanks @michael I will check that. I host email on a separate machine from web.

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