MX record keeps getting deleted

My cloudflare has been set up and was working fine until recently (a week ago) I noticed that my MX record got deleted.

I set up a new record for MX pointing to my original IP but it gets deleted everytime .

Can someone help me with fixing this and telling me what could cause the deletion.

I am not able to receive or send any emails due to this error.

Many thanks for your help.

From the main page at, take a look at the Audit Log. It should show you the deletion.

It would be one of these reasons:

  1. You, or somebody else, is logging into your Cloudflare account and deleting it.
  2. A third party is using your API key to manage your DNS records.

Corresponding solutions:

  1. Change your password and add 2FA to your account.
  2. Reset your API key.

Thanks for your reply.

A view of the record log shows that it is only me logging into cloudflare but there are many records of purging everything.

Do you think that may be the cause?

I have been of late playing about with with caching plugins to speed my site but since it was causing more problems than helping I have deleted those.

Thanks again.

It certainly could be, although I can’t imagine why such a thing would be mucking with your MX records.

Has this change helped?

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