MX Record (Incoming Email Issue)

Hey Good Day,

I tried all possible ways to fix my incoming emails problem. Tried calling my hosting company and they said everything is under cloudflare control. They can’t do any changes to DNS.

I follow this video and applied all alternative methods to fix this problem.
I can successfully receive all email sent from my email account which i created under cPanel but not able to receive any emails yet.

I tried sending emails to one gmail account and one email account with some domain and received all emails successfully but when I tried responding to both email accounts. I keep waiting and waiting but no incoming emails.

That is only partially true. They cannot change the settings, but they can very well verify your MX record and point out that it is not correct and it is not clear why they did not do that.

That 104 address is a Cloudflare address and cannot be used. Replace it with the other address you have configured there.

More of an issue, however, is that your server does not have a valid certificate configured, hence your site cannot be really secure on HTTPS. That is something for your host to fix, they need to make sure you have a valid certificate and you should change the encryption mode on Cloudflare to "Full strict."

Thanks for your help, all sorted out.

The site still does not have a valid certificate.

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