MX Record in google can’t find nameserver

When I check MX records in google, it tells me "We were not able to find a single IP address of nameserver serving this domain. Mail-flow is probably affected. Please refer to the corresponding help articles to fix these.” The help articles said to check with my domain provider - Cloudflare - for support because you handle my DNS. How do I proceed?
thank you

You handle your own DNS in your Cloudflare account here…

However the message from Google talks about nameservers so check you have those set correctly at your registrar.

What is the domain name?

Trueselfsales dot com

All looks ok…

Can you give a screenshot of what you are checking in Google and the error?

(Seems the WHOIS was edited today so if you just made changes, try again a bit later).

What concerns me most about this message is that the mail flow might be affected

Looking at your screenshot, it seems you’re entering the full website address.

You have to enter only the domain name, without the https://

When I do that, nothing happens

Reload the page and enter just the domain name.

This is what happens

Seems that Google tool is broken as it’s doing the same for me on other sites.

You can use the DIG MX check instead.

Your MX records are there.

So all is in order and there’s no need for me to be concerned?


You can always try to send yourself some emails to confirm.

Right. I did send an email and it went to junk before I did all the optimisation. So now I’ll try again. Thank you.

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