MX Record help

My domain is hosted with Hostmonster.

I changed the name servers.

Now I need to make sure my G Suite stuff is right. I can not for the life of me figure out what I am doing. Either Google has changed the way the screens look or I am blind.

Do I need to change the MX records to Cloudflare?

I’m stressed out about downtime with this as my last move lost me a month of emails.

I already tried to follow the instructions from Google but something isn’t matching up right.

Have your followed this?

If so, then what is your domain.

Yes… and I feel like I am missing something.

Everything else seems to be set up…

The domain is

What do your DNS records look like?

So they say Automatic and they seem to be pointing automatically to where they need to be… There is no cloud, grey or orange. Does that make sense? Here’s a ss.

There shouldn’t be any clouds with MX records.
Have you tried email test tools such as:

No, but I sent some tests to myself… it came through so I am guessing I am good?

Sorry to be a ninny, LOL… I have a little PTSD from before and I am so pleased that this has been so smooth.

If they are coming through and you can send out then you should be all set.

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