MX Record for my website


I changed my MX Records after changing nameservers but the website is working but unfortunately not the Email

I did add a A Record also to point this to an IP can someone perhaps give me an example of how this should look

What’s the domain?

The A record of your MX record is proxied, when it should not be, but that’s not necessarily the issue. Your MX record is currently configured for an IP address ending in 171. If that’s the right address email should arrive.

So what’s exactly the issue?

Then you should probably unproxy mail.

I think I got it unproxied

Checking out #tutorials’s always a good idea :wink:

Yep, not proxied any more.

Thanks If I ping it shows the 104 IP still

DNS propagation.

Thanks will wait how long can it take ?

Considering you removed the domain, should I remove the last posting as well?

Yes please thank you very much all is working now

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