MX record Failure _dc-mx.aa4a59d0700c

My mx record is causing problems. Some emails are not getting through my mailman listserve tied to my domain. When I looked up my domain name on, I receive the following message: FAIL: is not a valid domain name. Yet, it claims my MX record IP(s) have proper PTR (rDNS) records. (Note: I removed my real domain name for the purposes of this message.)

I am also receiving an alert that says “This record exposes the IP behind your domain which you have proxied through cloudflare.” (I have read through some other examples of issues marked by this message and found no solution) All my other records are proxied with an orange cloud. I am on the free account.

Any suggestions?

An MX record should point to a subdomain, such as ‘mail’, and the “A” record for that hostname should be set to :grey: DNS Only.


Thanks but your suggestion doesn’t work. I get a ‘content must be a host name’ message if I try to replace my domain with the word ‘mail’. Maybe I took you too literally?

You need these two records, but MX needs your real EXAMPLE.COM domain name and “A” needs your server’s real IP address.


Many thanks. Your response is much appreciated. I need very didactic instructions. I was able to change the MX record like you suggest, but my record for ‘mail’ is a CNAME record, not an ‘A’ record, and it will neither let me grey-cloud the ‘CNAME’ nor make a second ‘A’ record for ‘Mail’. Any other ideas?

Yeah, get rid of that CNAME for ‘mail’ and replace with an “A” record. The CNAME probably pointed to another DNS record of yours that has the IP address you need.

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It worked!!! Thanks ever so much for your support!

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