MX Record Exposes IP Address

Hi, have an error appearing next to my MX records and wanted to know a possible solution. This is the message appearing:

This record exposes the IP address used in the A record on ________________, which you have proxied through Cloudflare.

You can ignore that warning. It just means that your MX records are pointing to the same IP as a proxied (:orange:) DNS record.

Thank you, will the warning sign always be there or will it eventually go away?

That error will be there as long as you have an MX record that points to the same address as a proxied record (:orange:).

As a side note, this message means that the IP of your server is being exposed and anyone can view it by querying the MX record (and therefore send attacks at it).

Sometimes this is fine, such as for small traffic websites, and if you are unconcerned then you can ignore the warning. However if you are very worried about being the target of an attack then you might want to use a mail provider such as Google Workspace or Office 365.


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