MX Record error

I purchased my Domain via Godaddy
I host my site via Bluehost
I was told via bluehost in order to set up my email accounts I have to update my MX record via Cloudflare.
I set it up with the Name being (my domain) in error instead of @ and I have attempted to correct it multiple times without success. I even tried to delete and reenter it defaults back to and than I get the error to the left of the row that says. "this roecord exposes the IP behind Cloudflare. what to do?

@ is shorthand for your domain name. But mail should use a separate hostname that’s not set to :orange: . And if you’re hosting email on the same server as your website, you’ll have to expose that IP address because Cloudflare does not proxy email connections.

Here’s a tutorial on mail setup with Cloudflare.

Email Troubleshooting

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