MX record error - no performance improvement

Bluehost is my host, I use Cloudflare to increase performance. “Use the free plan”
But I do not feel that there is an increase in performance and I do not know why?

Now there is this alert. Check out the screenshot below
Screenshot 2023-12-23 133024

If your mail server is on the same IP address as your webserver, you will get this warning. Since Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic, mail records have to be set to DNS only.

For MX records, if they point to a proxied record (in this case, your apex domain) Cloudflare will work around this by returning a CNAME starting _dc-mx to expose that IP anyway to make sure your email works.

The warning you see is just to inform you of this. Usually it’s best not to expose your IP address once it is behind Cloudflare, but if your mail and web servers are on the same IP address, there’s no choice.

Assuming this is the correct domain, you can see that here…

Thank you.
I appreciate your help.

In the scan this error appeared.
Please help solve this problem.

Note: I am a beginner

Your site loads ok for me in a browser and is working in the checker now, so not sure what that was. May have just been a short downtime period at the time that first check was done.

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