Mx record error- Namecheap

Hello… pls help me to fix that error. I have seen some solutions to fix that issue in this community, but I’m not good at the technical side, and I can’t understand them well. But I try to fix it, and I always failed.
Please give me the solution to fix that.
Currently, I use my Namecheap shared hosting. Domain also in Namecheap. I created a mail address for my domain on Namecheap host cPnel. When I add my domain correctly to Cloudflare, I always have this error. Cloudflare automatically adds more DNS records to my list, and I am perplexed about that.

Please guide me to fix those issues, and I very much appreciate that. Thank you!

Which error?

If you are referring to the exclamation mark, that’s a warning not an error. And you can never fix that as Cloudflare will never proxy SMTP and hence that address will always need to be unproxied. All you can do is move your mail server to another address and expose that machine instead.

That topic has been discussed quite a few times actually, the search will have more on it.


If you mean triangle next to MX record, it’s not error. It’s a warning from Cloudflare tell you that your ip was not hide from public.

If i wrong, what’s your error here?

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